Zendesk vs. Salesforce:
Is it time to switch?

Growing pains.

They're a normal part of, well, growing a business.

But you're comfortable with that. After all, you've got a history of pushing through the pain and coming out better for it.

That's how you came to trade in your bootstrapped customer service solution for Zendesk.

And for a while, Zendesk worked.

Except now you're... Feeling that familiar strain.

You're like a horse that's tied to a coach, itching to run faster.

Because Zendesk doesn't seem to be taking care of your needs the way it used to.

Maybe you need a wider, 360-degree view of your customer that encompasses service, sales and marketing so everyone in the company is on the same page.

Maybe you simply want to move from ticketing to a full CRM.

Or maybe another business unit in your organization is already using Salesforce, and you're being directed to consolidate.

In other words... Maybe—like many growing organizations—it's time to move from Zendesk to Salesforce.

Zendesk vs. Salesforce

When you started with Zendesk, it was almost certainly in a helpdesk context—right?

No, we're not psychic. It's just that "helpdesk" is Zendesk's wheelhouse. It sets up quickly and instantly adds value.

It's also great for self-service support, and for pulling in and uniting multiple support channels, like email, chat, phone and social media.

Salesforce, on the other hand, takes customer success to the next level, helping users engage acrosss all channels, boost loyalty, and increase retention.

And, simply, there's just so much more you can do with Salesforce. Zendesk boasts around 500 apps to extend its features and functionality; Salesforce has more than 3,000.

You can run your entire organization on Salesforce.

In fact, according to Bluewolf's report, "The State of Salesforce:"


of sales users think it makes their jobs easier.


of marketers surveyed believe that when their company moves a process into Salesforce, the process improves.

In fact, according to Bluewolf's 2017 report, "The State of Salesforce:"

79%of sales users think it makes their jobs easier.

54%of marketers surveyed believe that when their company moves a process into Salesforce, the process improves.

So, given that you can do so much with it, it seems like a natural choice—when you start to feel those Zendesk growing pains—to graduate to Salesforce...

That is, until you actually look into doing it.

It doesn't take too much digging to find areas for improvement:

There's no out-of-the-box way to survey customers about their satisfaction.

No way to merge tickets.

No easy method of prioritizing customer responses to uphold SLAs.

Zendesk, on the other hand, offers the first two of these out of the box.

So what's a growing business to do?

Internet Creations to the rescue.

Internet Creations' apps extend Salesforce and create parity with Zendesk.

Simple Survey

allows you to send surveys right from Salesforce to measure Net Promoter Score (NSP), customer satisfaction, and more.

Case Flags

enables you to monitor your organization's response times with color-coded flags. If you're in danger of missing an SLA, you'll know at a glance. Like one of our customers says, "Nothing runs late now."

Case Merge Premium

allows authorized users to quickly find duplicate cases and merge them together. A must-have that pays for itself incredibly quickly.

Case Split

helps you keep cases on topic and follow a "one issue per case" policy, making your service organization more efficient and your KPIs more accurate.

Email to Case Premium

enhances Salesforce's basic email-to-case functionality with a suite of productivity-boosting features that save you time and money.

Our AppExchange apps create parity between Zendesk and Salesforce, enabling growing businesses to advance from their ticketing system to the whole-organization power of Salesforce.

Is it time to make the leap from Zendesk to Salesforce?

Migrating from Zendesk to Salseforce isn't an overnight decision, of course.

You'll need to look closely at your ROI. Plan for training. Think about how the change might affect your operations, and start rethinking your processes accordingly. And you'll need to engineer quick wins to get stakeholders on board from the get-go.

But if you’re ready to make the move—at least you can rest assured that with Internet Creations and our suite of AppExchange apps, there's no need to leave your favorite Zendesk features behind.

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