Stack the Deck with Internet Creations

Don’t Leave Your Salesforce Success to Chance

Organizations of all sizes--from the Fortune 100 to nonprofits and startups--utilize our Salesforce solutions to grow faster and gain an advantage over their competitors. Let Internet Creations be your ace in the hole!

  • Email to Case Premium
    Manage cases more effectively, improve agent productivity, and delight customers.
  • Case Merge Premium
    Enables users to find duplicate cases and merge them together.
  • Case Flags
    Gain insights and monitor response time with cases, at a glance, via color-coded flags.
  • Case Split
    Split cases when the conversation leads down a tangent worthy of its own case.
  • Rapid Products
    Spend less time building opportunities and quotes, and more time closing deals.
  • Simple Survey for Salesforce
    Capture feedback from your customers, partners, and employees with 1 click surveys.
  • Front Desk
    Replace the archaic visitor book with an app that protects privacy and provides a better experience.

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