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Operational Efficiency is the New Competitive Advantage

Salesforce is more than a CRM. It's a robust platform to connect your entire organization and improve operational efficiency. Streamline business processes with custom-built Salesforce applications that scale with you as you grow. Deliver the best customer experience with a Salesforce Community that bridges the gap between your customers and your organization.

A great customer experience starts with a great employee experience.

You can use Salesforce to drive efficiency and productivity for your entire organization, including Sales, Service, Marketing—even Accounting. The less time you and your employees need to spend on mundane tasks, the more time you can focus on customer success and growing the business.

Use technology to automate what can and should be automated. Delight your employees and make your customers happy by transforming your organization with Salesforce.

  • Improve Efficiency
  • Increase Productivity
  • Save Time and Money
  • Create a Phenomenal Experience

Choose Your Partner Wisely

Organizations across the globe trust Internet Creations to lead them on their journey to peak performance.

From nonprofits and emerging startups, to midmarket enterprises and the Fortune 500, we create better experiences for our customers and their employees.

Choose a Partner

As your trusted Salesforce partner, you can rely on our in-house team of Salesforce consultants, business analysts, and certified developers to:

Design, develop, and implement effective solutions on the Salesforce platform.

Challenge the status quo to give you what you want need.

Identify problem areas and provide advice on industry best practices.

Advise your team on how you can take advantage of new functionality that Salesforce introduces in their 3 major releases per year.

Internet Creations will proactively guide your team as you grow with Salesforce, so you can work on your business instead of in your business.

Business Process

Sales & Service Cloud® Implementations

Enterprise Application Development

System Integrations

Accounting Seed Implementation

Community Cloud® & Lightning Experience

Extraordinary Service

Customer satisfaction is what drives us to give our customers what they want. Customer success is what drives us to challenge our customers and give them what they need. It's why we work to build long-lasting relationships, and provide extraordinary service along the way.

Our past performance is an indicator of your future success.

Our real-time customer satisfaction score is:

9.66 / 10

This customer satisfaction score is derived from Net Promoter System℠ experience surveys that we have been sending to customers since 2011.

Focused On Your Goals & Outcomes

Success starts with the end in mind. The key ingredient of any project is a clear vision of the desired outcomes.

Customer success is the guiding principle that fuels our passion for empowering organizations to operate efficiently with Salesforce.

We Drink the Same Champagne

How are we different? We live and breathe Salesforce. It's the only CRM we implement.

Like you, we're a Salesforce customer. Not only do we use the same technology, but we continuously tailor Salesforce to create better experiences for our employees and customers. We've eliminated silos and increased collaboration. Every department is connected and operates efficiently—even Accounting and HR. We drink the same champagne.

We became a Salesforce consulting partner to help our customers achieve the same level of operational efficiency as we have.

Run Your Entire Organization on Salesforce


Our sales team manages more than the sales funnel and forecasting in Salesforce. We collaborate across the organization and easily build quotes that can be turned into invoices by Accounting.


Our customer success and support teams are empowered to deliver world-class service with Salesforce. We've tailored the user experience to make it effortless for our employees to delight our customers. Our Knowledge Base is managed in Salesforce and served up through our Customer Community.

Research & Development

Our product team manages the entire release cycle in Salesforce while tracking both internal and customer feature requests. Our Documentation is managed in Salesforce and served up through our Customer Community.


Our accounting department collaborates with every department in Salesforce to manage invoicing, budgeting, and collections. We use the Accounting Seed app to increase visibility to finance data throughout the entire organization so we can make more informed decisions.

Project Management

Our professional services team uses Chatter to collaborate with customers in our Customer Community. Salesforce supports our project methodology and helps manage scope, budget, and timeline successfully.


Our marketing team collaborates with the entire organization to continuously improve the customer experience. From lead to customer, we manage the entire customer lifecycle in Salesforce and execute campaigns that deliver value. 

Information Technology

Our IT team provides more than just support through Salesforce. They manage corporate and customer assets and proactively monitor hardware and software updates.

Human Resources

Salesforce makes it effortless for our HR team to manage job positions, candidates, and collaborate with hiring managers. New employee onboarding is facilitated in Salesforce, and with increased visibility across the entire organization, HR can forecast when we need to hire new resources.


Your Trusted Salesforce Partner

Put our knowledge and experience to work for you. If you want to use Salesforce to its fullest potential and consider technology to be an asset rather than an expense, get in touch with us to see if we'd be a good fit to partner.

As your trusted Salesforce partner, we'll guide you with prescriptive advice as we transform your organization together. Choose a partner that's invested in the same technology you are. Choose your partner wisely.

Salesforce Partner

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