The best customer experience starts with the best tools

Transform the customer experience from standard to exceptional with the Service Experience Suite, a four-part solution for Salesforce Service Cloud.



Treat every customer like a priority



Identify needs in your support processes



Communicate with consistency, adding a personal touch to enhance relationships



Leverage the customer’s voice to improve the experience

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Shift your support operations from a cost center to a revenue generator


Today’s connected customers expect quick and efficient resolutions. Loyalty is a two-way street. Without the technology to troubleshoot with lightning speed, you may lose your customer’s trust.

With the Service Experience Suite, your team can provide real-time visibility to cases needing attention, and monitor your organization's response times to customers.

The SES improves the agent experience, helping your team stay organized and responsive to your customer’s needs.

  • Empower your support team to deliver the ultimate customer experience
  • Create consistent communication streams between customers and agents
  • Improve KPIs (time to resolution and initial response)


Without the right tools, your service team’s performance is hard to measure. Back and forth conversations between your support team and customers only tell half the story.

The Service Experience Suite analytics accurately reveal your team’s activities, empowering you to coach stellar service and make smart hiring decisions.

Instead of measuring how fast your team is going, you can measure productivity. Simple and effective case management transforms your support team from a pure cost center to a profit generator.

  • Increasing productivity means saving you time and money
  • Shift mindset from cost center to revenue generator
  • Measure and improve the capacity of your team


Exceptional service is your differentiator. Access to customer details empowers agents to provide a tailored experience with each customer. Personalizing your service improves brand loyalty.

The Service Experience Suite enables your team to effortlessly prioritize customer responses with a seamless, automated system, amplifying productivity, and allowing your team to add the personal touches.

  • 69% of consumers and 82% of business buyers say personal care directly influences their loyalty (by Salesforce State of Service)
  • Give customers the attention they deserve by customizing your communication
  • Providing extraordinary service increases customer loyalty leading to repeat business
Feedback Responsiveness Utilization Personalization

The Service Experience Suite

A great customer experience starts with a great employee experience. Give them the tools they need to succeed.

Happy employees
  • Much-needed visibility into case metrics

    "The insight into case metrics is invaluable. The dashboard supplied was easily customizable and helped show our executive team the improvements on our case response time."

    Kim Flint

  • We would highly recommend this product

    "We have the viability to see if we are properly communicating with the customer. Our agents love the case flags and our customers are responding very positively."

    Jason Bales

  • More time dedicated to our customers rather than Salesforce

    "Email to case Premium has benefited the support team here massively enabling us to dedicate more time to our customers. I would highly recommend this app for anyone that is looking at getting the most out of emails within cases."

    Benjy Hunt

  • Essential to our Business

    "I work in a high volume B2B technical support organization. It has allowed us to add automation and customization to our work-flows, making us more efficient and allowing us to provide a better experience to our clients, both external and internal."

    Jarrod Mackay

Trusted by organizations of diverse industries.

  • Quicken Loans
  • PayPal
  • GE
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Lenovo

Deliver the perfect service experience every time with the Service Experience Suite

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