O.Berk Improves Website Customer Experience, Increases Lead Generation by 20%

"I was blown away by Internet Creations’ Salesforce expertise and dedication to customer experience." 
— Jonathan Wong, Online Marketing Manager

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  • O.Berk was manually syncing product information between its e-Commerce solution (Magento) and Salesforce, resulting in poor data quality and time inefficiency.
  • The company implemented a website redesign, with Salesforce as the new system of record to render a public-facing online product catalog.
  • Now, customers enjoy an enhanced website experience and O.Berk realized significant efficiency gains and cost savings. Further, O.Berk's website leads have increased by 20 percent!

O.Berk Headquarters

O.Berk: Leaders in Packaging Solutions

From healthcare to personal care, top consumer brands and craft artisans alike depend on O.Berk for high-quality, reliable packaging solutions.

O.Berk’s commitment to helping its customers get their products to market faster, smarter and more efficiently has driven the New Jersey-based company for well over 100 years. Since 1910, O.Berk has continued to grow, expanding its scope of products and services with great success.

However, a burgeoning product catalog means very little if clients aren't able to quickly and easily find what they are looking when they search. When Jonathan Wong, online marketing manager at O.Berk, became aware of the website challenges customers were experiencing, he knew it was time to improve the company's online product catalog.

Two systems. Twice the work. Double the potential for inconsistency.

Mr. Wong knew the problem was rooted in an inefficient back office solution that required two separate systems to power the online catalog. O.Berk was using e-commerce solution Magento to power the product catalog on its website. The company was simultaneously trying to leverage Salesforce to track leads. Manually updating these separate systems with the same information increased the time and effort required to keep product records up-to-date.

The result? Poor data quality leading to frustrated clients and employees. Information would be updated in one system but not the other. Product data was frustratingly inconsistent. Requests for samples were inaccurate and could be fulfilled without sales receiving an alert. Without an easy way to establish current and correct order information, O.Berk's sales team wasted hours of their time confirming that orders had been shipped from the warehouse.

Despite these inefficiencies, O.Berk continued to enjoy high levels of customer satisfaction. This could be attributed to the team's commitment to exceed customer expectations. But, at what price? Mr. Wong understood, if left unchecked, this suboptimal employee experience would begin to negatively impact the customer experience.

Jonathan Wong

“It was taking about half of a full-time employee’s hours cumulatively to update Magento and Salesforce,” said Mr. Wong. “We had to find a way to increase operational efficiency and eliminate (the potential for) human error to ensure our customers consistently receive the service they deserve.”

Implementing a redesigned product catalog powered by Salesforce

Mr. Wong had a beautiful redesign in mind for the product catalog, with Salesforce as the backbone. The plan was to create a product catalog that would render Magento obsolete and, instead, leverage Salesforce as the system of record for product information, including descriptions and photos.

With the concept in place, the online marketing manager knew he needed a trustworthy partner if he would be able to successfully realize his vision. The partner, Mr. Wong knew, needed to have the necessary Salesforce expertise to successfully tackle the backend development and a full understanding of the mission at hand: improving efficiency and improving the customer experience.

That's when Mr. Wong turned to Internet Creations.

Executing the product catalog redesign plan required multiple elements to work together seamlessly.

* The product catalog on the website had to display product images and descriptions from the product records in Salesforce.

* An easy-to-use search function was critically important to the intended success of the project. The keyword-based, advanced search functionality had to support browsing by category and filtering the search results so visitors could quickly seek and find sought-after products.

* To help track opportunities coming in from the website, a lead would be created in Salesforce whenever a visitor added a product to the inquiry (shopping) cart.

* For faster, more accurate product shipping, the Internet Creations services team integrated DocuSign to automatically render packing slips as PDFs.

“This was a complex project, but Internet Creations was up to the challenge,” said Mr. Wong. “With their expertise in Salesforce and web application development, I was confident that I could leave that side of things to them, which freed up my time to focus on the frontend design.”

O.Berk Products

One system. Half the work. Leads from website increased by 20%

The new Salesforce-powered product catalog tremendously improves the customer experience. Visitors to O.Berk’s website are greeted with a more robust and user-friendly search tool. The most up-to-date product information and images are displayed, based on data in Salesforce. In fact, the solution worked so well that O.Berk has realized a 20 percent increase in leads from the website.

Employees are more productive and efficient, Mr. Wong confirmed. The team manages products and leads in one system, saving time and ensuring that the data is accurate and free of errors. The sales team no longer has to continuously follow up with the warehouse to confirm orders. Best yet, website lead reports are accurate and generated quickly and easily. With only one SaaS product to maintain, its new Salesforce solution also enables O.Berk to realize significant cost savings. With Salesforce and Internet Creations, O.Berk can provide employees with the technology they need to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

“I was blown away by Internet Creations’ Salesforce expertise and dedication to customer experience,” Mr. Wong said. “They were committed to ensuring that this project was a success.”


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