Take Ownership for Cases

A free app for Salesforce from the development labs at Internet Creations
Are you tired of the inconvenient and repetitive process for taking ownership of Cases?
This free widget reduces the number of clicks from 5 down to 1 by adding a custom button to the Case Page Layout.
  • Take Ownership of a Case in 1 click instead of 5

  • Minutes to install

  • Seconds to use

User-added image


  1. Edit your Case page layout (Setup > Customize > Cases > Page Layouts > Edit next to your Case page layout)
  2. Click Buttons from the left panel
  3. Drag and drop the Take Ownership button onto the Custom Buttons section of the layout
  4. Save
Take Ownership for Cases - Free app for Salesforce from Internet Creations
Release Date:
Fri Sep 14 00:00:00 GMT 2012
Editions Supported:
Service Cloud

For support with this Lab App, please email freewidgets@internetcreations.com