Quick Add Campaign Member

A free app for Salesforce from the development labs at Internet Creations
Make it effortless for people to add leads and contacts to campaigns, and you'll:
  • Increase adoption of Salesforce campaigns
  • Improve campaign ROI metrics

Quick Add Campaign Member is a simple Chatter publisher action that makes it quick and easy to add people to campaigns.

Quick Add Campaign Member

Current process to add someone to a campaign:
  1. Click the Add to Campaign button in the Campaign History related list
  2. Update the Search Within filter
  3. Type the name of the campaign
  4. Click Go
  5. Select your campaign
  6. Click Save

With Quick Add Campaign Member, we've reduced six steps down to two:
  1. Click the Add to Campaign publisher action
  2. Select your campaign
  3. Click Save

For users of the Salesforce1 mobile app, Quick Add Campaign Member makes it even faster to add people to targeted campaigns on the go.

The list of campaigns available in the Chatter publisher action is dynamically controlled by a report. Your marketing team can use report filters to show only relevant campaigns, so that your sales team doesn't have to search through endless campaigns.

Quick Add Campaign Member report results

There's a report included in the package that filters by Active campaigns, but you can clone this report and tailor it to your organization's unique needs. For example, you can add filters for campaign Start Date and End Date to show campaigns that are relevant today. Use custom campaign fields as filters for even greater control of the campaigns available in the Chatter publisher action.



Refer to the documentation for setup and configuration.
Quick Add Campaign Member - Free app for Salesforce from Internet Creations
Release Date:
Mon Mar 27 00:00:00 GMT 2017
Editions Supported:
Sales Cloud

This Lab App is not supported and is intended to be implemented by seasoned Salesforce Administrator or Developer.