Former Positions

A free app for Salesforce from the development labs at Internet Creations
Former Positions automatically tracks changes to a Contact's Account and Title so that you can follow an individual's career. This solution is very similar to what LinkedIn provides in the Background/Experience section of a profile.

From an Account detail page, you can see past employees (Contacts), including their Title and tenure at the organization and current Account.

From a Contact detail page, you can see past employers (Accounts), including their Title and tenure at the organization.

Former Positions is also extremely helpful for improving overall data quality in a Salesforce organization. If you previously duplicated a Contact that you worked with at multiple Accounts, that duplication is no longer necessary. Similarly, if a Contact moves on to an unknown Account, you can create a "bucket Account" called "Whereabouts Unknown" or similar and move inactive Contacts there.



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Former Positions - Free app for Salesforce from Internet Creations
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Thu Apr 04 00:00:00 GMT 2013
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