Create Opportunity & Quote

A free app for Salesforce from the development labs at Internet Creations
Create Opportunity and Quote is a free widget from Internet Creations designed to accelerate the creation of Opportunities and Quotes while improving data quality. This widget takes an otherwise "clicky" process and streamlines many steps into one Visualforce page.

In one step:
  • Create an Opportunity, Contact Role and Quote
  • Complete key fields on both Opportunity and Quote
  • Sync the Opportunity and Quote
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  • Reduces clicks needed to create Opportunities and Quotes
  • Encourages adoption and capture of data
  • Complements Rapid Products
Multi-Currency support added in v1.32 (3/29/13)


Installation and configuration is simple.
1. Install the package (Grant Access to All Users)
2. Add the Create Opportunity & Quote button or Override the Existing Button
3. Optionally configure the field sets for Opportunity and Quote to include desired fields  
Create Opportunity & Quote - Free app for Salesforce from Internet Creations
Release Date:
Fri Sep 14 00:00:00 GMT 2012
Editions Supported:
Sales Cloud

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