Add Me as Case Team Member

A free app for Salesforce from the development labs at Internet Creations
This app provides a button that enables a User viewing a case to add them self as a Case Team Member with a pre-defined Case Team Role.
If your organization uses Case Teams, this is a must have.

User-added image


  1. Install the Add Me as Case Team Member package.
    • Choose Admins Only when prompted regarding security.
  2. Click the Configure button on the newly installed package.
  3. Set the Case Team Role that will be used as the default for Case Team Members added via the new button.
  4. Grant the desired profiles permissions to the "AddMeToCaseTeam" Visualforce page.
  5. Add the Add Me to Case Team button on the Case layout page.
Add Me as Case Team Member - Free app for Salesforce from Internet Creations
Release Date:
Sat Apr 06 00:00:00 GMT 2013
Editions Supported:
Service Cloud

This Lab App is not supported and is intended to be implemented by seasoned Salesforce Administrator or Developer.