Save time with these free apps for Salesforce

We conjured these apps in the development labs at Internet Creations to tweak Salesforce to meet our needs. Please enjoy them.


Important: Many of the lab apps found on this page are not supported and are intended to be implemented by seasoned Salesforce Administrators or Developers. For a list of apps that we fully support, please visit our apps page.

Add Me as Case Team Member

This app provides a button that enables a User viewing a case to add them self as a Case Team Member with a pre-defined Case Team Role. If your organization uses Case Teams, this is a must have.

Take Ownership for Cases

Are you tired of the inconvenient and repetitive process for taking ownership of Cases?

This free widget reduces the number of clicks from 5 down to 1 by adding a custom button to the Case Page Layout.

Former Positions

Former Positions tracks changes to a Contact's Account, enabling you to follow an individual's career. You can improve data quality by moving inactive contacts to a bucket account. The solution is like LinkedIn's Experience section of a profile.