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As it has delivered technology innovations to civil and military aviation for the past century, Honeywell Aerospace has built a reputation for valuing good customer service. Consistently delivering a positive customer experience, however, is never a simple task—especially when customer service representatives respond to 3,500 customer inquiries, on average, each day.

To strengthen its reputation for good customer service, Honeywell Aerospace instituted a customer experience organization in October 2013. The organization designs training and online studies and monitors and evaluates key performance indicators. As part of its commitment to continuous improvement, Honeywell recognized the importance of aligning with the leading technology for customer service.

Migrating from its on-site CRM to Salesforce in 2010 provided Honeywell Aerospace with a number of advantages, such as reporting, scalability and an appealing user experience. Out of the box, Salesforce addressed 95% of their customer service representatives’ needs, and closing the remaining 5% gap was simple with the AppExchange. Barriers to innovation and scalability are reduced with Salesforce because certified partners, like Internet Creations, provide thousands of purpose-built, turnkey solutions on the AppExchange.

Email to Case Premium case comments on iPhone

"In the first year of using Email to Case Premium, we were able to resolve 8% more cases."

— Chris Long, Aerospace Customer Support Operations

Internet Creations’ flagship customer service application, Email to Case Premium, enables Honeywell Aerospace to improve productivity and deliver faster service. Customer service representatives can quickly view correspondence from all channels in a clean, unified stream, with the app offering canned comments that promote consistency and speedier response times. It consolidates tasks that previously required multiple steps, eliminating the need for extra clicks to send an email, add a comment or update case details. Licensing Email to Case Premium for Salesforce can seem like providing each customer service representative with a personal assistant.

"Nearly 4% of cases are closed as duplicates using Case Merge Premium."

— Shannon Tinker, Aerospace Customer Support Operations

Customer service teams are plagued by duplicate cases, and Honeywell Aerospace is no exception. The Case Merge Premium app for Salesforce saves time by ensuring not more than one customer service representative is working on the same issue. Cases pertaining to the same issue are automatically flagged as duplicates for merging, further saving clicks and time. That means more cases are resolved in less time.

"Case Split makes it effortless to create new cases from the original request. Business processes can be followed without imposing internal requirements on the customer."

— Patrick Beem, Aerospace Global Technical Support

Honeywell has several customer service teams with distinct specialties, and cases often contain multiple issues that require the attention of more than one team. With Case Split by Internet Creations, one case can be quickly divided into separate cases for each issue and assigned to the appropriate team. As a result, customer inquiries are resolved faster and key performance indicators (KPIs) are accurate.

Maintaining a reputation for good customer service requires a commitment to consistently delivering a positive customer experience, and it all starts with providing a positive customer service representative experience. Honeywell Aerospace partnered with and Internet Creations because each party shares a commitment and vision for delivering great service.

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