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    Capturing the voice of your customer is essential in delivering a better customer experience. Collect customer feedback in real-time with 1-click transactional surveys.


The best native survey app for Salesforce to help you:

Improve the customer experience

Innovate your products and services

Increase your Net Promoter Score®

No integration required.

As a 100% native app, your survey data resides directly in Salesforce. Surveys can be related to cases, contacts, leads, and your custom objects for increased visibility throughout the organization. It's time to create a 360° view of the customer.

Simple Survey is a survey tool for Salesforce that seamlessly works with all of your existing business processes, workflows, and automation rules. You can build upon Simple Survey with all of the platform features you've come to know and love.

Turnkey and customizable.

100% Native

Increase your survey response rates

Simple Survey sends 1-click surveys that are just as easy to take as they are to delete. The email is the survey. No time-consuming questions or navigation problems that cause people to abandon surveys. Just one click and the response is captured in Salesforce.

You save your customers time and you increase your response rates in the process.

Increase response rates

Get feedback when their experience is top of mind

Transactional surveys increase response rates because surveys are sent while your product or service is top of mind. For example, you can choose to have a survey sent immediately when a case is closed (or for every nth case closed).

You also get more meaningful feedback from your customer, and you can use that feedback to coach your employees in a timely manner.

Send when a case is closed

Measure Net Promoter Score (NPS) in Salesforce

Growing organizations use NPS as a key metric to gauge customer satisfaction on products and services—and measure customer experience overall. With Simple Survey, you can implement Net Promoter System with Salesforce natively.

Use a native Salesforce survey tool to increase your Net Promoter Score, innovate your products and services, and improve the customer experience.


Brandable, mobile-friendly templates

Put your logo front and center in a mobile friendly email, and customize the survey landing page to match your corporate colors.

Simple Survey comes packaged with an editable email template and landing page.

Your choice of survey format

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Customer Satisfaction (CSat)

  • Thumbs Up/Down

  • Questionnaire

Responses are captured in Salesforce immediately

When a customer takes your survey by clicking a link in the email, their response is instantly captured in Salesforce. No more issues with abandoned surveys.

They're then directed to a mobile-friendly page where they can provide more information that gets appended to the existing survey record in Salesforce.

Supports custom questions

You can collect more feedback from your customers by asking them to answer additional questions, such as “Why did you provide that rating?”

Create custom questions for different kinds of surveys.

Eliminate survey fatigue

Over-surveying your customers is a surefire way to frustrate them and reduce your survey response rates. Simple Survey has functionality built in to eliminate survey fatigue. You can choose when and how often surveys are automatically sent.

Learn more about survey fatigue.

Analytics included

Simple Survey comes packaged with pre-built reports and a dashboard. Measure customer service right within Salesforce and use your data to coach your employees.

Simple Survey provides you with more data to make smarter business decisions.

Simple Survey

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Transform your organization with Simple Survey for Salesforce

$2160/org/year for the first 20 users. ($108/user/year thereafter)

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Simple Survey is built entirely on the Salesforce platform and is 100% native.

With 100% native apps for Salesforce, you can customize and build upon them with all of the platform features you know and love, including reports and analytics, automation and workflows, business rules, etc.

Learn about 5 key considerations when deciding whether to build or buy a solution.

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What are people saying about Simple Survey?

  • Jon Lucento

    Awesome Response Rates with this App

    We've had high response rates using the tool, and that can be attributed to the simplicity of the survey application and the user friendly UI. I'd recommend this application for anyone that is looking to improve their response rates on their CSAT surveys!

    Jon Lucento

  • Anthony McCullough

    If you want higher survey response rates, get this app

    With Simple Survey, customers can click the rating right in the email and it directs them to a web form to add optional comments. One click and they're done! We have a lot of apps from Internet Creations — their support is top-notch!

    Anthony McCullough

Simple Survey is trusted by organizations of diverse industries.

  • AGCO
  • Pure Storage
  • PayPal
  • Quicken Loans Mortgage Services
  • Verifone

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