Signature Slayer

for Salesforce®

Eliminate pesky image attachments like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn icons that are stored on cases and emails.

  • Clean and manageable attachment related lists.
  • Improved agent productivity.
  • Only binary deduplication tool for Salesforce

  • Pricing:
    $1200/org/year for the first 20 users. ($60/user/year thereafter)

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Improves agent productivity

Eliminates image attachments like Facebook, Twitter, corporate logos, and other images that are stored on cases and email messages. The result is clean and manageable attachment related lists.

Purges unwanted images

Signature Slayer is "trained" by targeting image files associated with cases or email messages and adding those files to a "hit list" (a Document folder) using the Hit List Manager.

Hit List Manager

Simply navigate to the Hit List Manager, select the images you would like to eliminate and click "Remove Selected and Add to Hit List". Once added to the Hit List, if the exact same image file is ever inserted on a case or email message in the future, it will automatically be purged.

Attachments are easily recoverable

Does not "Hard Delete" image files and therefore they can be undeleted from the Salesforce Recycle Bin.

Only binary deduplication tool on the AppExchange

Calculates a hash using the binary data in a selected image file to ensure only identical images are deleted automatically.

Supported image extensions

Supports image attachments with the following extensions: PNG, JPG, JPE, JPEG, GIF, BMP, DIB, TIF, TIFF, JFIF

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