Rapid Products

for Salesforce®

Rapid Products brings the same speed and usability available in many desktop quoting applications right to Salesforce. Install a free trial and see how Rapid Products makes it faster to add products to Opportunities and Quotes.

  • Decreases the number of steps required to create an Opportunity or Quote
  • Selects Products quickly using a type-ahead search
  • Calculates the total price in realtime based on quantity, sales price, and discount

Less Clicks!

If you ask someone from your sales team, they'll most likely tell you that managing products is a clicky process. Rapid Products allows you to accomplish this task on one screen, drastically reducing the number of clicks.

Type-ahead Search

Just start typing and it'll return relevant products. Select one and it will add the product as a line item. It's that simple to find and add products to a Quote or Opportunity.

Sort Line Items

With Rapid Products you can sort lines items on the fly.

Realtime Pricing

The total price of line items is calculated in realtime as you adjust the quantity, discount, and even custom fields.

Internet Creations apps are built entirely on the Salesforce Platform and are 100% native.

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