Apps for Salesforce by Internet Creations

Simple Survey


Emerge as an expert in customer satisfaction! Simple Survey for Salesforce makes it effortless for your customers, partners, and employees to provide you with feedback on their experience with your service.

Case Flags


Case Flags is a purpose-built add-on for Salesforce that helps you monitor your organization’s response times with cases, at a glance, via color coded flags. Case Flags provides real-time visibility to cases requiring responses to customers.

Rapid Products


Bring the speed and usability of desktop quoting software right to Salesforce! Rapid Products is an ultra-native app for Salesforce that makes quick work of following best practices around Quotes and Opportunities.

Case Split


Make it easy to keep cases on topic! When you install Case Split and follow a "one issue per case" policy, your service department operates more efficiently.

Case Merge Premium


Case Merge Premium is a purpose-built add-on for Salesforce that allows authorized users to find duplicate cases and merge them together. Case Merge Premium provides a seamless experience both pre-merge and post-merge

Internet Creations apps are built entirely on the Salesforce platform and are 100% native.

There are 5 key considerations when deciding whether to build or buy a Salesforce solution.