Mass Email Campaign Members

for Salesforce®

This is a simple tool that makes it easier to mass email Contacts and Leads that are Campaign Members with fewer clicks. As a bonus, the Alternative Emailing also allows you to send 25 emails in a batch without consuming your organization's Mass Email limit.

  • Decreases the number of steps required to Mass Email Campaign Members
  • Alternative Emailing doesn’t consume your organization's Mass Email limit
  • Saves time and runs directly in Salesforce CRM

Fewer clicks

As long as your daily limit will allow, email 250 contacts and 250 leads (500 total) in fewer clicks, saving time and being more efficient.

Alternative emailing without affecting Mass Email limits

Allows you to send 25 emails in a batch at one time. This can be used in place of Mass Email or after Mass Email limits have been reached.

Distinguish who has been sent an email and who hasn’t

By using Campaign Member status, you can distinguish between who you have sent an email to and who has not yet been sent an email. This eliminates the possibility of spamming a Campaign Member and looking unprofessional.

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