Email to Case Premium

for Salesforce®

Extend and enhance the basic functionality of standard Email-to-Case with a more effective solution for managing service and support with Salesforce. Install a free trial for a hands-on look at why world-class service operations use Email to Case Premium.

  • Increases agent productivity
  • Saves time and add consistency to your org’s support workflow
  • Customers receive better service

  • Pricing:
    $2160/org/year for the first 10 users. ($216/user/year thereafter)

    Install a 21-day free trial today!

Add a comment and send an email in one click

No longer do you have to write a comment and send an email as separate tasks. With Email to Case Premium you can add a new comment and send it as an email at the same time, with one click. This eliminates the ‘silos of information’, bridging the gap between emails and comments. A ‘must have’ if you’re running a Customer Portal.

Inbound emails create clean Case Comments

No more clicking into individual email records to review correspondence on case. It’s all visible under Case Comments. With E2CP, inbound emails create clean case comments. When a customer responds via email, it is automatically routed into Salesforce and cleaned up for easy reading.

Automatically creates new Contacts

Reps no longer have to manually create Contacts. This saves countless clicks and precious seconds. When an inbound email is received, if the sender is not already in your org’s Contacts then E2CP automatically creates a new contact for you. It can even associate the newly created contact with an existing Account.

Canned Comments with Merge Fields

Save time and add consistency! Specify your org’s canned comments via the configuration page. Then while creating a new comment, simply choose the canned message from the picklist and insert it. Your canned comments can even include merge fields!

Email Distribution

Respond to customer inquiries right from your email software! When you respond via email, E2CP automatically logs a comment to the existing case, and the customer receives the email as if it were sent from your org’s support address.

Email Loop Protection

Protects against endless email loops from out of office replies, system messages, and bounces.

Drag and Drop Attachments

Easily drag and drop files from your desktop directly into Salesforce using a modern web browser such as Firefox or Chrome. No longer do you have to go through multiple clicks just to send a file.

Faster handling of additional To, CC, and BCC Recipients

Quickly add new email recipients on the fly using type-ahead search!

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