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    Limited customer support functionality hurts your business. Thrive with a robust case management solution to improve service and support with Salesforce.


E2CP Support Solution

Smarter support solution for more effective troubleshooting

E2CP Workflow

Streamlines support workflow, saving time

E2CP white glove service

Deliver white glove service to every customer, every time

See how Email to Case Premium allows MSC Software to work more efficiently

Simplify to Supercharge Agent Productivity

Each case requires multiple tasks to solve: reviewing case history, composing emails with added attachments, and updating case information.

Increase productivity and response times by viewing critical information in a single view, and simplifying communication between departments and customers.


  • Easily follow case history

  • Combine multiple actions in a single view

  • Create consistent communication streams between customers and agents

View critical information in a single view with the Case Presentation Layer

Case Presentation Layer

Inbound Email Problems Solved

Out-of-the-box case management requires multiple steps and separate windows, wasting time before agents even start working the support case.

Email to Case Premium intelligently analyzes and extracts essential information from emails, setting your support team up for success.


  • Keep case comments clean

  • Create & associate new contacts to the case

  • Intelligent message processing features

Intelligently turn customer emails into support cases

Forward to Case

Make Customer Experience Your Differentiator

Customers will not settle for mediocre customer service.

Smart features amplify your brand and empower your support team to deliver the ultimate customer experience.


  • Keep the right people in the loop with auto-selected recipients

  • Add a personal touch to emails while keeping all replies to the same support address

  • Customized templates are automatically added based on priority or stage of the case

Execute 4 actions in 1 step with the New Comment Editor

New Comment Editor

Email Loop Protection

Protects against endless email loops from out of office replies, system messages, and bounces.

Forward to Case

Agents can quickly send customer issues to a ticket (or case), even from mobile.

Time Closed Until New Case Creation

New case comments will not open a new case after closure — keeping communication threads streamlined.

Canned Comments

Keep communication consistent by simply choosing the canned message from the picklist and inserting it.

Clean Case Comments

Quickly review case notes in a single stream.

Hybrid Email Templates

Personalized support without routing cases to a separate support queue.

Empower your agents to deliver great service!

$240.00 USD per user, per year

Email to Case Premium is built entirely on the Salesforce platform and is 100% native.

With 100% native apps for Salesforce, you can customize and build upon them with all of the platform features you know and love, including reports and analytics, automation and workflows, business rules, etc.

Learn about 5 key considerations to decide whether to build or buy a solution.

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Our success is measured by that of our customers

  • Kirk Reinzuch

    Incredible solution for all of our challenging issues!

    E2CP has increased our productivity with utilization of all tools included. The canned comments alone have increased our case closure time by 50%. We have reduced cost per case from $10 to under $4 per case.

    Kirk Reinzuch

    Sr. Salesforce Consultant

  • Adrian Barek

    Effortless and Impactful

    Our client came to us frustrated that native Service Cloud couldn't handle their email-to-case requirements. A quick installation of Email to Case Premium and they're happy campers. The app is easy to configure and provides exactly the email-to-case features most support orgs need.

    Adrian Barek


  • Przemek Smelcerz

    Game changer for any organisation using Salesforce for customer support

    After using this app for almost 3 years, I can't imagine using Salesforce Service Cloud without it. The app saves a lot of time, money, effort and improves external and internal communication.

    Przemek Smelcerz


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