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  • Make your service organization more efficient!

    Email to Case Premium streamlines the Salesforce Service Cloud® user experience, making agents happier and empowering them to deliver great service.

    How much can you save by being more efficient? Find out below.

    Calculate my ROI
    Calculate my ROI

    Outbound Communication

    Standard email-to-case requires 4 steps for typical outbound communication.

    Email to Case Premium consolidates 4 steps into 1, saving 6 clicks per outbound email.

    Inbound Communication

    Clean Case Comments
    Quickly review all case correspondence at a glance. With Email to Case Premium, email responses are automatically cleaned up and added as case comments. Users no longer have to waste time clicking into individual email records to view email responses.

    Auto-Create Contacts or Leads
    Users no longer have to manually create contacts. When a new email address that does not already exist in Salesforce is detected on an inbound email, Email to Case Premium can automatically add a new contact or lead—saving countless clicks.

    Forward to Case
    Do your customers sometimes email users directly instead of your org-wide service address? With Email to Case Premium, users can effortlessly create cases by simply forwarding emails to Salesforce from any email client on any device (no plug-ins required).

    Email Loop Protection & Intelligent Routing
    Email to Case Premium eliminates runaway email loops, and managing spam is easier than ever.

    Case Teams and Contact Roles
    Whenever someone new is added to an email thread (i.e. To, CC, or BCC), they can automatically be added to the case according to business rules you define.

    Files are automatically added to the attachments section on the case record for single-click access, and they're noted in the case comment that's created.

    Email to Case Premium:

    • Improves agent productivity.
    • Saves clicks.
    • Adds consistency to your support workflow.
    • Saves time & money.

    But don't just take our word for it

    Email to Case Premium review

    Mike Carter
    Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star

    Increased Productivity and Agents Love it

    With every email communication automatically added to comments, there is no more cutting & pasting, saving agents time and ensuring that all of the activity in the case in contained in notes.

    Email to Case Premium review

    Kathleen Nault
    Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star

    Absolutely a MUST for Customer Service Organizations

    This app is a must have for customer service organizations that are looking for efficiencies. Stores attachments from inbound emails at case level. Centralization of case comments/emails eliminates jumping around, piecing together the overall life of the case.