• Case Split for Salesforce®

    Keep cases on topic and manage “scope creep” in Salesforce by following a "one issue per case" policy in your service organization.


Split unrelated issues into new cases. Operate more efficiently and resolve cases faster.

Communication threads are shorter and easier to follow

Key performance indicators (KPIs) become more precise

Keep cases to a single issue

For accurate metrics and better organization, keep cases to a single topic or issue. With Case Split, if a customer replies to an existing case with a new issue, you can easily split the response to create a new case, making it easier to manage "scope creep."

After splitting, users will have two workable cases, each with their own case comment history and metrics.

Split into a new or existing cases

You can configure Case Split to easily move or clone data from the existing case to the new case, and delete the originals from the original case after splitting.

Supports standard and custom objects

Choose which Case Comments, Emails, Attachments, Case Team Members, or any of your custom objects are copied to the new case.

Reporting and analytics

By giving new customer issues a unique case, you can better track problems with accurate reporting. This is especially useful if you are monitoring accounts with entitlements.

Keep cases on topic and improve KPIs in your service organization, with Case Split for Salesforce.

$108.00 USD per user, per year

Case Split is built entirely on the Salesforce platform and is 100% native.

With 100% native apps for Salesforce, you can customize and build upon them with all of the platform features you know and love, including reports and analytics, automation and workflows, business rules, etc.

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