Case Merge Premium

for Salesforce®

Case Merge Premium enables authorized users to find duplicate cases and merge them together. Child objects such as comments, attachments and emails are cloned to the master (parent) record and the duplicate cases are closed and related to the master (parent) case as child cases using the native Related/Parent Cases functionality.

  • Merges case data plus related standard and custom objects
  • Automatically re-associates comments, emails and attachments on duplicate cases
  • Flexible configuration

Duplicate Case Indicator

No more searching for duplicate cases. Based on criteria you select, the duplicate case notifier field lets you know when a duplicate case exists. Just click the indicator and begin merging!

Automatically redirect inbound emails to the new case

There’s no need to delete the old case or tell your customers that there is a new case. Merged cases can still receive inbound correspondence. They will even streamline it up to the parent case!

Everything is Archived

Merged cases are not deleted, they attain a new status of your choosing.

List View Merging

Saving even more time, Case Merge Premium gives support agents the ability to merge from the List View, without having to click into the Case Detail Page.

Custom Objects, Too!

As well as Standard Objects, Cases being merged have the option of bringing Custom Objects.

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