• Case Flags for Salesforce®

    Provide real-time visibility to cases needing attention, and monitor your organization's response times to customers.


Intelligent prioritization for your customer service team.

Deliver faster service

Improve your KPIs

Eliminate SLA violations

Quickly prioritize cases

At a glance, your customer service agents can effortlessly see cases that require attention. With color-coded flags, they'll always know who to respond to first.

Improve the agent experience and help your team stay organized in Salesforce with some added flavor. They'll thank you for it.

The result? Happy customers, smiling at the speed of your service.

Powerful analytics

Customers expect fast service. How are you measuring the performance of your customer support team? With analytics like initial response time and time to resolution, you'll have the data you need to succeed.

You can view snapshots of your whole organization or drill down and see metrics for individual agents.

Use the data to coach your agents and improve your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Flexible and automated

Flags update automatically in the background while your agents focus on delighting your customers. You can set up business rules that control when flags are set, cleared, and escalated.

Since the app is 100% native, your Salesforce admin can even create advanced workflows that extend and enhance your support operations.

Give your agents the tool they need to prioritize their day so that all of your customers receive fast, friendly service—all the time.

Measure initial response time

Speed is the name of the game. How fast does your team respond to new inquiries? Analyze the time elapsed between case creation and your support agent's first response.

Supports business hours

Flags can age based on standard 24-hours or your organization's hours of operation. For example, if you set your business hours as 8am-6pm, then your flags will only age during that timeframe.

Monitor response times on the go

Prioritize cases requiring attention and monitor response times on your mobile device. You can view, set, and clear flags right within the Salesforce mobile app.

History tracking

Review the entire lifecycle of a case from open to close—and everything in between. For how much time was the case in each status? Who owned the case, and for how long? Get the answers you need to address what happened during the support process.

Account-specific flags

You can override the defaults for a subset of accounts. For example, organizations that have multiple support levels, entitlements, or SLAs can have flags age quicker or slower.

Case-specific flags

For even more granular control, you can override the defaults on a case-by-case basis. Flags can be set manually or programmatically. For example, escalation time can be superceded for cases where the priority has been set to high.

Empower your users to deliver world-class service and improve response times, with Case Flags for Salesforce.

$132.00 USD per user, per year

Case Flags for Salesforce is built entirely on the Salesforce platform and is 100% native.

With 100% native apps for Salesforce, you can customize and build upon them with all of the platform features you know and love, including reports and analytics, automation and workflows, business rules, etc.

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Our success is measured by that of our customers

  • Jonathan Garneau

    I simply do not know how we could've managed without Case Flags

    The flexibility of Case Flags is simply astounding, we've configured it internally to manage the 42 different delays that our Support Level Agreement require, some in business hours and others on 24/7.

    Jonathan Garneau


  • Dean Louden

    Great App for Effective Case Management

    Great App for those who want to keep Case Management simple for their team, but while retaining the necessary data to manage the analytics. Implementation was by far the easiest of ANY Salesforce App or functionality we have ever used.

    Dean Louden


  • Andy Roethler

    This has been great for our organization

    We've been very pleased with Case Flags and it was one of the first apps that we purchased. This has given us great visibility for service users and has helped us implement and improve SLA's.

    Andy Roethler

    Integrated DNA Technologies

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