Case Flags

for Salesforce®

Case Flags is a native app for Salesforce that enables you to monitor your organization’s response times with Cases, at a glance, via color coded flags. Case Flags provides real-time visibility to cases requiring responses to customers.

  • Eliminate case neglect
  • Avoid SLA violations
  • Measure "Initial Response" (even in business hours)

Quickly prioritize cases needing attention

Quickly determine which cases require a response by glancing at the Case Flag column. When you see a red flag, you know a response is long overdue. Avoid SLA violations by making an effort to never see a red flag.

Highly configurable

Case Flags is highly configurable by Salesforce admins. Upload custom icons, specify the intervals for each flag level, and configure page layouts and list views.

Business Hours

Eliminate inaccurate response time by letting your Case Flags age only during your business’s hours of operation.

Measure the initial response time

Measure the time elapsed between case creation and your support agent's first response. You can even measure it in business hours.

Emails and comments automatically set/clear flags

The Case Flags configuration page allows you to specify whether emails and case comments automatically set and clear flags.

Manually set and clear the Flag

Two buttons, "Set Flag" and "Clear Flag" are added to the Case Detail which allow you to manually set and clear the flag. These two buttons can also be added to the list view so you can set and clear the flags of multiple cases.

Account-Specific Hours

Override the default hours specified on an account-by-account basis. Organizations that have different entitlements or SLAs can move through the flag levels on a quicker (or potentially slower) schedule.

Case-Specific Hours

Four fields are provided on the Case object that can be manually or programmatically set with quantities of hours.

Create a Workflow Rule with Field Updates on Case which when run, will supercede the default and Account specific hours.

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