Along with End User ability to locate and merge duplicate cases, Case Merge Premium allows for the automatic merging of cases without user intervention. Use this section to define specific criteria for cases that should be automatically merged.

The criteria here should be strict, as to only automatically merge cases which have a high confidence of being duplicates. For example, you may consider including criteria here that looks for Cases with matching Accounts, Contacts, and specific Created Date ranges.

It’s also recommended that you review the Criteria Performance and Suggestions in the following section to help with tightening up your criteria for more confident duplicate matching.

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Options for Automerge include:
  • Disabled: Automerge is completely turned off.
  • Detection Only: Select this option for data collection purposes only. Cases will not be automatically merged, but data will be gathered regarding the performance of the merge criteria, allowing for criteria performance metrics and suggestions.
  • Detection with Indicator: Includes the data collection functionality of the Detection Only preference. Additionally, the Duplicate Detector will display a special indicator to quickly merge cases with one click for cases that meet the merge criteria. This is a popular option for those interested in the fully automated version of Automerge that want to validate the criteria they've chosen.
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  • Enabled: Automerge is fully automated, and runs in the background without requiring user intervention. Data will continue to be gathered regarding the performance of the merge criteria.

The fully automated (Enabled) option for Automerge is available at an additional cost. Please contact your Internet Creations Account Executive for pricing and enablement.
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