Contact Substitution

Contact Substitution

Salesforce requires a primary Contact to be included on template-driven outbound emails such as those sent via Email to Case Premium (E2CP). In order to successfully send emails without the Case Contact, Email to Case Premium can automatically substitute a Contact that you pre-define.
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  • The Contact needs to be associated with an Account that all E2CP users have Read access to. If you have an Account for your organization, that would probably be a good choice.
  • The Substitute Contact’s first and last name can contain whatever text you like.
  • Note that although the contact is needed for template rendering it will not be included on the email.

Additional Guidance
  • is probably not a good choice because recipients think they can’t reply to the email
  •,, and are examples of addresses that might be a good choice.
  • If your organization already has an email address that discards emails sent to it, specify that email address for the Substitute Contact.
  • If your organization does not already have an email address that discards emails sent to it, have your email server administrator create a new email address (using the guidelines above).  Then configure a forward to the address provided by Email to Case Premium that will discard everything sent to that address.
  • For testing, you can use your email address in the Substitute Contact and update it later when you have the permanent email address. Keep in mind that you will receive a copy of every email sent through E2CP without the Case Contact included.

Setting up Contact Substitution
  1. Add a New Contact.
  2. Specify the name, account and email address according to the guidelines above and save it.
  3. Select the Contact you just created as your Substitute Contact.

  • If you're using a Visualforce email template, and Contact Substitution has not been configured, the running user will be automatically copied on all outbound emails sent via Email to Case Premium.
  • Emails sent to the substitute contact will count towards the Salesforce Single Email Limit.
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