Contact Substitution

Contact Substitution

Salesforce requires a primary Contact to be included on template-driven outbound emails such as those sent via Email to Case Premium (E2CP). In order to successfully send emails without the Case Contact, Email to Case Premium can automatically substitute a Contact that you pre-define.
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  • The Contact needs to be associated with an Account that all E2CP users have Read access to. If you have an Account for your organization, that would probably be a good choice.
  • The Substitute Contact’s first and last name can contain whatever text you like.
  • Note that although the contact is needed for template rendering it will not be included on the email.

Check will Bill S to see if the below is needed.
  1. is probably not a good choice because recipients think they can’t reply to the email
  2.,, and are examples of addresses that might be a good choice.
  3. Keep in mind that when the "Substitute Contact" is used, end users will see its email address included on the emails they receive. Be sure to specify this address in the standard Email field and not a custom field.
  • If your organization already has an email address that discards emails sent to it, specify that email address for the Substitute Contact.
  • If your organization does not already have an email address that discards emails sent to it, have your email server administrator create a new email address (using the guidelines above).  Then configure a forward to the address provided by Email to Case Premium that will discard everything sent to that address.
  • For testing, you can use your email address in the Substitute Contact and update it later when you have the permanent email address. Keep in mind that you will receive a copy of every email sent through E2CP without the Case Contact included.

Setting up Contact Substitution
  1. Add a New Contact.
  2. Specify the name, account and email address according to the guidelines above and save it.
  3. Select the Contact you just created as your Substitute Contact.

  • If you're using a Visualforce email template, and Contact Substitution has not been configured, the running user will be automatically copied on all outbound emails sent via Email to Case Premium.
  • Emails sent to the substitute contact will count towards the Salesforce Single Email Limit.
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