Forward to Case

Forward to Case

Forward to Case makes it easy for your users to redirect and create new cases from support requests sent to their individual email addresses. The feature associates forwarded messages with the original sender's contact by using their email address instead of yours. The functionality is similar to what is available in mail client integrations like Salesforce for Outlook (create case button), but Forward to Case works on virtually any device including Macs, tablets and mobile devices and requires no software to be installed.

Please review our FAQ on Forward to Case and read our recent blog article, Forward Customer Cases into Salesforce Without the Messy Clean-Up.

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Enable Forward to Case
  • This setting is disabled by default.
  • Important: Forward to Case only processes emails sent from domains specified in Internal Domains on the Outbound Settings page.
  • Forward to Case will associate cases with Contacts. Lead lookups will not be populated.
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Enable Forward to Existing Case by Case Number
  • Include the full Case Number (including any leading zeroes) in parentheses after the Forward Marker and the email will be added to the existing case, rather than open a new one. 
Include Forwarded CC Addresses
  • When enabled, email addresses that were CC'ed on the original email will be added to the Additional CC case field. This will help ensure that everyone involved in the initial email thread before case creation will be kept up to date on the progress of the case.
    • If Auto Add New Case Team Members is enabled, those addresses will be used to search for Contacts which will be added as Case Team Members.
    • If Auto Add New Contacts is enabled, those addresses will have Contacts created if none exist.

Forward to Case Markers
  • End users can prepend a text marker to the email subject line to indicate that the message should be processed by Forward to Case.
  • Please take into consideration the Email Client you are utilizing. This saves support agents time because they do not have to manually edit the subject line to invoke Forward to Case.
  • Email clients such as Gmail, iOS, & Android prepend their subject lines by default with "Fwd:" when forwarding a message.
    • If your company uses Gmail, iOS, or Android, we strongly recommend using "Fwd:" as a text marker.
  • Email clients such as Microsoft Outlook prepend their subjects by default with "FW:" when forwarding a message.  
    • If your company uses Microsoft Outlook, we strongly recommend using "FW:" as a text marker. 
Add From Address as Case Team Member
  • When enabled, the User who forwarded the email into Salesforce using Forward to Case will be added as a Case Team Member.
  • This setting is disabled by default.
Case Team Role for From Address
  • Determines the Case Team Role which is set for the forwarding user when "Add From Address as Case Team Member" is enabled.

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*Note: The Forward to Case Marker is case sensitive. 
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