Managing Canned Comments

Managing Canned Comments

Canned Comments can be selected on the New Comment page and are used to answer commonly asked questions or resolve known issues. 
Utilizing Canned Comments are a great way to save Clicks & Time !

To create and activate Canned Comments, navigate to the Canned Comments tab and click New.

Select a Category where you want the canned comment to reside.

  • Support
  • Accounting 
  • Administration
To create a new Canned Comment category:
  1. Navigate to Setup | Build | Create | Objects.
  2. Select the Canned Comment object.
  3. Under the Custom Fields & Relationships section, click the Category field.
  4. Under the Values section, click New to add your new Category value, and click Save when completed.

Enter a Title that best describes the canned comment.

Activate the Canned Comments.

  • Inactive canned comments will not show up in the New Comments page.
  • Users are required to have access to the Active checkbox field in order for
    Canned Comment to display in the type-ahead search results.
  • Field Level Security can be set for these fields on the Canned Comment creation page
    by navigating to Setup --> Create --> Objects --> Canned Comment.
  • Type-ahead search results on the New Comment page are limited to 50 Canned Comments per category selection.

Use Merge Fields in your Canned Comments, similar to email templates.

You can include links to the Knowledge Base Articles that are associated to the case.
Signatures can be added to canned comments.  Refer to article, Signature in Canned Comments for more details

Note: Date & Date/Time merge fields will be returned in the format of YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.

Add Attachments / Files (Optional)

After you've created a Canned Comment, you can also include email attachments with the Canned Comment using the respective Attachments / Files related lists. These Attachments / Files will be added to the New Comment page upon inserting the Canned Comment, and sent with the outgoing email.

Usage Tracking
Starting in Email to Case Premium 4.34, Canned Comment usage is recorded in the Usage Count field on the Canned Comment object. Additionally, the last user and the last time it was used is recorded. The use is recorded when the user clicks Insert on the New Comment Page.

Note: This will cause the Last Modified audit fields to be updated. To record changes to the canned comment subject and body, use the standard Salesforce field history tracking feature.
Canned Comment Filters
  • Canned Comment Filters allow you to restrict which Canned Comment categories will be available on the New Comment Page to end users based on the value of a single controlling picklist field on the Case object.
  • This is especially helpful if your organization's use of Email to Case Premium (E2CP) spans across multiple departments, each with their own Canned Comments.
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