Skip Logic

Skip Logic

This feature allows respondents to only see and answer the questions that apply to them, keeping your surveys short and your response rates high! Skip logic is ideal for capturing additional feedback on product, support, event and employee satisfaction surveys.


How Skip Logic Enhances the Survey Experience:

  • Respondents get a personalized survey experience
  • Capture only the key data you need
  • Improve response rates by reducing the time to complete a survey


Add a Question with Skip Logic

skip 1

  1. Enable Skip Logic on the Selected Questions section of the Add Questions tab in Survey Builder.
  2. Click the Add Question button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Enter the Question, Label, and Answer Format (refer to Add Questions for more details).
  4. Turn on skip logic to the right of 'Skip this question if...'.
  5. Select the previous question that determines whether to skip this question.
  6. Select the condition and value of the selected question that when true would result in skipping this question.
  7. Click Create to save the question or Create and New to save and add another question.
  8. Once created, your new question will automatically be added to the Selected Questions panel for inclusion in the survey.


New Question Screen

User-added image



Condition and Value for Skipping a Question

skip logic 2


The example above let's you find out what problems unsatisfied customers are having with your products because only customers that give a low score of 1 or 2 stars are asked the question "What problems are you running into with our product?".


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