Permission Sets

Permission Sets

Simple Survey comes packaged with three permission sets, described below:

Simple Survey Read-Only
  • Assign this permission set to end-users (such as Case Owners).
  • This permission set includes Read access to the Survey object and all packaged fields.
Simple Survey Site Guest User
  • Assign this permission set to the Simple Survey Site Guest User (required in setup).
  • This permission set includes full access (Create, Read, Update, Delete) to the Survey object and all packaged fields.
Simple Survey Administrator
  • Assign this permission set to the System Administrator who will be configuring the application, creating/managing survey templates, and managing survey data.
  • This permission set includes access to the Setup Wizard, Survey Builder, and Simple Survey Insights for reporting.


Simple Survey Builder (created locally)

Accessing the Survey Builder to create/modify survey templates has historically required the running user to be assigned the System Administrator profile (or a profile with the Modify All Data permission).

Starting in version 3.24, users with the following permissions (and a Simple Survey license) will have access to the Survey Builder to create and edit survey templates:
  • Modify Metadata Through Metadata API Functions
  • API Enabled
  • Customize Application
  • Manage Profiles and Permission Sets

Consider creating a permission set titled Simple Survey Builder with the permissions mentioned above, and assigning to users (such as department managers) who would like to have access to create/update surveys relevant to their team.

Note: Profile permissions such as Customize Application and Manage Profiles and Permission Sets are still often generally limited to System Administrators. To learn more about the power these permissions provide, please refer to the following documentation:
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