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Default Search Tab:
  • When searching for duplicates, this setting will determine what the default mechanism is for searching.
  • The options available are Search By Criteria, Search By Text and Recent Cases.

Maximum Number of Results:
  • When viewing potential duplicates, this setting will allow you to determine how many duplicates display on the page at a time. 
  • 100 is the maximum.

Case Merge Limit:
  • You may set the number of Cases to be merged at one time.
  • Use the drop-down list to choose between 2-9 Cases.
  • The default and recommended value is 5 Cases.
  • In the event you require merging more than 9 cases, refer to "Case Limit Bypass for Clean Merge" setting on the Merge configuration tab.

Restrict By Record Type:
  • Admins may opt to only allow Cases of the same Record Type to be merged.
  • This setting will be automatically disabled if no record types for Case are found in your organization.

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