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Duplicate Label:
  • Set the label that will be used on the inline duplicate alert when one or more duplicates are found.

Duplicate Case Description:
  • The text in the Description field of merged Cases may either be added as a case comment, merged into the Description,¬†added as a Chatter post on the master Case, or not copied at all.
  • Select one option from the drop-down list.

Merged Case Status:
  • Select the Case Status you created / added in the "Choose a Status" section in the initial setup.
  • If any Emails, Comments or Attachments are added to a Case with this status, they will be re-associated to the master (parent) Case, if one is specified.

Set Field on Merged Case:
  • Select a picklist field that will set a specific value on a Case after it has been merged.
  • Example:¬†Choose to set a Reason on a merged Case that may better describe it after is has been closed. Select the value: "Duplicate."
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